Ashley Graham Debuts Baby On Pretty Big Deal

After a few teases on Instagram, Ashley Graham debuted her newborn baby Isaac on her podcast/talk show Pretty Big Deal last Tuesday. I’m guessing most people would rather watch the video version, instead of just listening to Isaac’s little infant gurgles on audio.

First, let’s start with the name. Isaac is pretty conventional compared to other celebrity baby names. Obviously it has a biblical provenance since Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin are all about Jesus. She has literally said she gets horny during prayer. Good for you girl!

At a week and a half old, baby Isaac is already being used as clickbait. The video, titled “Introducing Our Baby Boy With My Husband Justin”, is mostly an interview with Ervin about her home birth. It’s only in the last five minutes (but not before an ad!) that we see Isaac. It’s kind of anticlimactic since we only see the back of his little baby head as he breastfeeds. Was this a conscious choice? Like, as long as we’re compromising our son’s privacy, we can at least shield his face. For instance, pseudo celebrity Elsa Pataky will post pictures of her children as long as their faces are obscured (which, okay).

Like other celebrity moms, Graham has made motherhood™ a part of her brand. A birth announcement is not just for friends and family, it’s now an opportunity to monetize some eyeballs. Remember when Blake Lively announced her pregnancy on her now defunct lifestyle website Preserve (RIP)? Or Nikki Reed’s corny bump photo in a field of wheat telling us about her new fashion line? This Spawn-Con couldn’t be more obvious if they were selling ad space on their midsections (which is also a thing).

One gross thing I don’t want to think about is if Graham is comparing the statistics of Isaac’s video to her others. In the week since his debut, the video has clocked over 752k hits. Compared to her other interviews, I’d say this is on the higher end. To date, her interview with Kim Kardashian West is still her most watched video at 1.7 million views. Did baby Isaac pull in the kind of numbers Team Graham expected? Remember that mommy blogger who complained her child wasn’t getting as many “likes” on Instagram? I’m not implying Graham will become this extreme. I just want to point out that these cute viral moments are more meticulously orchestrated than you think.

That’s too dark to unpack right now. So let’s just side-eye Ashley Graham’s kaftan photo in Vogue, which is an exact replica of Serena Williams’s spread in Vanity Fair.

Header image credit: Ashley Graham/Instagram