The Masked Singer Looks Like a Dystopian Mess

Fox has debuted a new reality singing show so bizarre and dystopian, it made Netflix’s Bandersnatch say, “WTF?”

Meet The Masked Singer where 12 ahem, celebrities don extravagant costumes and sing while a group of judges have to guess their identities. Host, Nick Cannon, who I’m comfortable with replacing Ryan Seacrest forever, is joined by judges Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong (um, okay), anti-vax warrior, Jenny McCarthy and walking STD Robin Thicke.

Someone on Twitter remarked that we’re living in an age called “All the Fake Shows From 30 Rock Came True.” It does look like something you’d see on Black Mirror to teach us “technology bad.” Apparently it’s based on a South Korean reality show called The King of Masked Singer, which will certainly give me nightmares.

Here are my favorite quotes from the trailer:

Ken Jeong: “I’m so freakin’ confused right now, I don’t know who I am!”

Robin Thicke: “Woo!”

Nick Cannon: “Some of them may be friends, some of them I may have married!”

Ken Jeong: “Oh snap!”

There’s nothing stranger than watching a giant plushie one-eyed monster singing a heartbreaking rendition of “Stay With Me” while Robin Thicke screams “Woo!”

Header image credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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