Sit DOWN, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has been fired as Oscars host for refusing to apologize for past homophobic tweets. Ironically he ended up apologizing anyway. Like, a real one written by his publicist and not the rambling mess he’d previously posted on Instagram.

Are we really surprised, though? This is the same guy who starred in Get Hard, a bottom of the barrel homophobic comedy. When asked in an interview what he thought about doing a mockingly effeminate voice in the movie, Hart just shrugged it off with “Funny is funny.” This seems to be the stock answer for comics who don’t respond well to criticism. I've attached Louis Virtel’s amazing takedown of Hart and Will Ferrell.

If I wanted to watch a middle aged dude crack jokes about queer people, I’d just sit down for Christmas dinner.

To all the morons who are scared of being judged for past dumb tweets, yeah, you should be. Social media means we can hold public figures accountable for their actions. Yes, it’s possible to evolve as a person. But Hart has not shown any change in character in the past decade. He’s not sorry for calling someone the F-word, or threatening to beat the sh-t out of his son if he ever played with dolls. And you want to know something? His career will not suffer for this. He will continue to perform outdated stand up and make dumb jokes in bad movies.

I’ll leave you with this clip from Cameron Esposito’s legendary Rape Jokes. In a minute, she sums up comedians’ disdain for “PC culture” and why this unwillingness to evolve is hurting comedy.

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