Destination Wedding Review

In what seems to be a dying genre for Hollywood ingenues, I was excited veteran actors Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder were re-teaming for a rom-com together. On paper, Destination Wedding sounds like a fun movie but is actually a major drag. Imagine all the witty banter from every genre film ever, crank up the sarcasm to 100 and you have this spectacular dud.

Frank (Reeves) and Lindsay (Ryder) are two grumps who meet on a flight to a destination wedding. The groom is her ex-fiance and his half brother. Lindsay is still bitter after being dumped weeks before the wedding while Frank makes it clear that his half brother is a d-ck.

Their endlessly misanthropic dialogue would be more palatable if there were other characters but the entire film is basically a two person play. We watch as the two kvetch in hotel rooms, airplanes and a beautiful vineyard. Without a quirky minor character for comedy relief, it’s an exhausting hour and a half watch. Even the goddamn title cards between acts have more attitude than an angsty teenager.

Lindsay is understandably jaded about relationships. Being invited to your ex’s wedding is a lose-lose situation. You don’t go and you look petty. You go and people are judgy about your behavior during the entire ceremony (see: Prince Harry’s exes at his wedding). Of course Lindsay wouldn’t be peaches and cream. Frank, on the other hand, seems like a more troubling person. He casually drops the phrase “reverse fascism” and makes fun of the wedding couple’s pansexual friend. This is clearly played for laughs, which makes me think, WHO THE F-CK WROTE THIS? Can we please move past jokes about how many letters there are in the LGBT umbrella? If it weren’t for Reeves’s natural charm, Frank would seem like a more sinister character.

The sex scene is so vom-worthy, you think writer/director Victor Levin is punishing you for wanting to watch Reeves and Ryder hook up.

Directing a rom-com about a destination wedding starring the Internet’s most shipped couple should’ve been like shooting fish in a barrel. Somehow Levin manages to screw it up, despite his stars’ natural chemistry.

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