Watch First Trailer for Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Axe Murder

I’d been dying to watch this all day as soon as it popped up on @godimsuchadyke’s Insta, but was out with friends, and god knows you can’t hear anything on BART.

Lizzie, lovingly dubbed “Lezzie” by the lesbian chat boards, is a psychological thriller based on the infamous story of Lizzie Borden, who was suspected of murdering her parents with an axe in 19th century New England. She was tried and later acquitted. The case has never been solved.

This adaptation doesn’t pull any punches framing Lizzie (Chloë Sevigny) as the axe murderer with help from her adorable sidekick, her live-in maid, Bridget (Kristen Stewart). In a household run by Lizzie’s abusive father, the two form a bond which leads to a steamy affair. There are stolen glances on the stairs, finger brushing and heavy make out sessions in the barn. All the hallmarks of an Amish romance novel.

At one point, Bridget tells Lizzie, Boo I’d do anything for you. Lizzie is like, Are you sure about that? And Bridget goes, DID I F-CKING STUTTER?

So as young lovers do, they strip down and hack her parents to death.

Here’s the thing: I’m down for a true crime story starring two women and a lesbian character portrayed by a real life queer person. It looks like it’ll be a solid B movie. But I’m hesitating at the male gaze-yness of Lizzie’s father catching her humping the maid in the barn. There’s also the climactic scene where Lizzie and Bridget kill her parents in the nude. I mean, yeah I guess they didn’t want to get blood on anything, but still. We’re not exactly going for historical accuracy at this point.

Sevigny, who is a producer on the film, lamented to the Huffington Post how it didn’t meet her vision of “Black Swan meets Capote.” After seven years in production hell, it finally premiered last January at Sundance. And there was a lot of sexual tension left on the cutting room floor.

Every year we get at least one critically acclaimed LGBT film. Could this be Lezzie’s year?

Oh, and if you can’t wait until September 14th, there’s a spoilerific review on Autostraddle. You’ve been warned.

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