Cameron Esposito's Rape Jokes Review

Don’t be misled by the title. This is not your dude-bro’s rape jokes. It’s not graphic and there is no stool f-cking. Instead it’s an hour-long comedy special of hilarious and heartfelt stories from a sexual assault survivor.

Comedian Cameron Esposito calls out American rape culture, starting with Donald Trump’s comments on pussy grabbing right up top. She doesn’t hold back, clapping back at outcries of “PC culture” and comics who claim respecting one’s gender identity is killing comedy. Esposito talks a lot about being a lesbian in comedy, joking that her grave will be engraved with the words “WE GET IT, YOU’RE GAY.” There are shots fired at the Catholic church, and the negative consequences of not learning consent in school. Her sex-ed was limited to a Billy Joel song and a video of an abortion.

I know this sounds like heavy stuff, but this show is FUNNY. Comedy is an amazing way to break down hard topics, like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or my favorite, Bojack Horseman. Sexual assault and rape is something we need to get better at talking about. The #MeToo movement has made it easier for men and women to share their experiences, but there are still people who are like, HAS THE #METOO MOVEMENT GONE TOO FAR? Like, when a woman shares a really vulnerable story maybe don’t immediately call her a liar?

Esposito felt such an urgency to put out this special that it was produced in a matter of weeks on a shoestring budget. She made it available for free, but there is an option to donate $10, with all proceeds going to RAINN, the US’ largest anti-sexual-violence organization. You can watch it now on Vulture or

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