Lena Waithe is our queer superhero

Lena Waithe is not here for your Catholic bullsh-t. While other attendees wore crosses and halos, Waithe rolled up in a motherf-cking pride flag like a gay superhero. Catholicism has historically discriminated against the LGBT community. Waithe’s ensemble was a fashion statement and a political one.

Last September she became the first black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing. Here’s an excerpt from her beautiful acceptance speech:

… last but certainly not least, my LGBTQIA family. I see each and every one of you. The things that make us different, those are our superpowers. Every day when you walk out the door and put on your imaginary cape and go out there and conquer the world because the world would not be as beautiful as it is if we weren’t in it.

Thank you Lena for representing.

Waithe gave a great interview on comedian Cameron Esposito’s Queery podcast. You can listen to it here.

Header image credit: Jamie McCarthy

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