Taylor Swift's "Delicate" video is embarrassing

When it was announced that Taylor Swift's music video for "Delicate" was dropping, I gleefully texted my group chat with my mom and sister. We all love this song. This is her best single off of Reputation. The first time I heard it, it instantly lifted me out of my bad mood. So last night when we watched it, there were laughs. There were guffaws. Once again, this bitch had lifted me out of a bad mood. Because this sh-t was TERRIBLE.

The concept is if Taylor were invisible, she would literally dance like no one's watching. And HOO BOY. This is some next level white girl dancing. There's jazz hands. There's double chin face. It's basically the same level of thirst as Anne Hathaway campaigning for an Oscar.

There weren't even backup dancers to distract us from this car crash. Taylor can first be seen acting a fool in front of her bodyguards as she realizes she is in fact, magically invisible. She then proceeds to perform the equivalent of your niece's first dance recital in the hotel lobby. She marches on the bar. She pulls some Shirley Temple faces at passersby. She rips off the bottom of a dress that would be considered "Best Dressed" at the Country Music Awards. She dances barefoot in the rain and stomps in some puddles. For the grand finale she does the splits on the windshield of a taxi, possibly putting her vag on display for the driver.

What's funny is that this is a way sh-ttier version of a Kenzo perfume ad. Check it:

Right? They're almost exactly the same. "Delicate" wouldn't have been such a massive fail if Taylor had hired someone like Maddie Ziegler or some professional to do the same. Instead, we had to sit through a cringey public display of hubris.

Header image credit: Big Machine

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