Nothing to see here, just Lady Gaga riding on the back of Bradley Cooper’s motorcycle

And no, that’s not a euphemism for anything. But if you want to write some Gaga/Coop fan fiction, I’m not stopping you.

Today in Random Celebrity Friends, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were papped riding his Ducatti to an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. I’m guessing this was pre-planned, since Gaga was in her “biker chick” outfit. She looks hot, in a Courtney Love kind of way.

And before you Irina Shayk/Coop shippers get your panties in a twist, they just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Gaga and her handsome nobody, Taylor Kinney are still engaged, which they made abundantly clear when they had sex on a goddamn canvas in January.

This is the first time Coop and Gaga have been photographed together, although they were both at the launch of Sean Parker’s Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy earlier this month. They also attended last year’s Oscars and appeared in the same SNL episode in 2011.

I know you’re wondering about what they talked about, but I’m more curious about who paid the bill. I can’t imagine celebrities going Dutch. Do you think Cooper paid, because that’s the chivalrous gesture men are expected to do? Or is it more about ego, and who’s more willing to satisfy theirs?

Last year I wrote a piece for Tremr about who should pay the bill on dates. Feel free to chime in, it’s still something I’m curious about.

Image credit: DCAP / GOME / Maciel / AKM-GSI

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