Kate Middleton is British Vogue’s 100-year cover girl

Kate Middleton is British Vogue’s June cover girl for its centenary issue. In an interesting choice of words, the website described it as “the first magazine shoot she’s ever consented to.”

Yeah, unlike that time a French tabloid splashed her ass all over the cover of its magazine. Not cool.

It’s a lot of prestige packed into one issue. Who else other than royalty to grace British Vogue’s cover for its 100th anniversary?

As such, the theme is very British. Middleton’s photographed near her home in the countryside in Norfolk. The clothes are classic, almost a throwback to her college days. And she looks great.

Middleton, as we know, isn’t great at styling herself. Yes, the world is trying to convince us she’s a style icon, but then there’s this:

Getty Images


So yes, Vogue tells us she was involved in choosing the clothes, but thank God there was supervision! Though it would’ve been refreshing to see her outside of her comfort zone, maybe in some couture.

Yesterday was Will and Kate’s fifth wedding anniversary. As I mentioned in my last post, there is also a film about their relationship in college, called William & Kate. My sister and I hate-watched the whole thing before the Royal Wedding. It’s awful. It’s cheesy. It’s the greatest thing you will ever watch.

Click here to see the rest of the photo shoot. Two of the photos will be at the Vogue 100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, of which Middleton is a patron. She'll be attending next week.

Image credit: Josh Olins/Vogue UK

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