Run for your life, Kris!

The New York Daily News has reported that O.J. Simpson is crushing hard on Kris Jenner, and wants to make a move on her when he gets out of prison.


This story’s most likely bogus since it’s coming from the Daily News, but just the thought of O.J. Simpson coming to court me would make me book a one-way ticket to Fiji and never return.

Oh, and if Kris doesn’t check “Yes” on O.J.’s handwritten “Will you be my girlfriend?” note, he’s open to Caitlyn Jenner, too.

Kardashian Dynasty author, Ian Halperin told the Daily News, “[O.J. Simpson] said something to the effect of he’d even be interested in her. He might have said it jokingly … O.J. says a lot of things straight-faced, and he’s a compulsive liar.”


O.J.’s currently doing time for armed robbery, but he’ll be eligible for parole in 2017.


If I were Kris, I would pull a Gone Girl and GET OUT OF THERE.

Image credit: Ethan Miller (L) and Dimitrios Kambouris (R)/Getty

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