Equals looks like a twee 1984

Not that that’s a bad thing. Months after giving us a teaser in the form of an 80s music video, we now have the full trailer for Equals, starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. Watch it here, then meet me after the jump.

It’s a schmaltzy concept, but it sounds cute. Like if you took all the politics out of 1984, and added just a dash of A Clockwork Orange, this would be it. Or you know, Equilibrium without the martial arts.

But God, the cinematography looks gorgeous. Am digging the white-on-white costumes. And the music sounds cool.

Hoult and Stewart’s chemistry looks hot, too. Apparently Jennifer Lawrence, Hoult’s girlfriend at the time, also read for the lead part, but turned it down. Which worked out in the end, because director, Drake Doremus thought Stewart was a better fit.

Once again, I will not waste an opportunity to make you watch this.

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