Chrissy Teigen gives daughter the Urban Outfitters of all baby names

After nine months of knockoff Kim K maternity style, Chrissy Teigen instagrammed her newborn daughter’s name last night.

Luna Simone Stephens.

This is the Urban Outfitters of all baby names. Not that it’s not pretty, it’s just that there’s an image that comes with a name like Luna. I can imagine a hippie chick in a band, someone who likes wearing lots of crystal talismans. I mean, she was born during Coachella weekend. Somewhere in the California desert, Vanessa Hudgens is cursing Teigen for stealing her fantasy baby name.

I know many of you are probably thinking of Luna Lovegood, but the first character that comes to mind for me is the cat from Sailor Moon. You know, the one that’s always yelling at Serena to get her sh-t together. And I think that’s what babies are supposed to do anyway. So kudos to Teigen if she’s a Sailor Moon fan.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the middle name was chosen for John Legend’s admiration of Nina Simone. He’s covered a couple of her songs, and quoted her in his Oscars speech last year.

Stephens (Legend’s real surname) is a pretty square name to follow something as whimsical and boho as Luna. I actually hope their kid takes on Legend instead, which has a better ring to it. Luna Legend sounds like either a soul singer or a superhero. Much better than Luna Stephens, which sounds like a kid whose name was chosen by two middle class hippie parents while they were tripping on acid at Woodstock.

A name like Luna sets the tone for the rest of the kids. Like if Legend and Teigen had a boy next, I can totally see them naming it Apollo (like Gwen Stefani).

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