Megan Fox tries to get a divorce, gets pregnant instead

Remember that charming story Dakota Johnson told in her SNL monologue last year? The one where her parents divorced, only to get engaged again the night Melanie Griffith hosted the show? Nine months later, Johnson was born.

Less than a year after filing for divorce from Brian Austin Green last August, Fox is now pregnant with her third child. US Weekly confirmed the news today, I guess because she’d be appearing at CinemaCon in Las Vegas today. Funny enough, they didn’t confirm who the father is. Maybe because it’s obvious they’ve been hanging out (read: f-cking) a lot recently.

Break up sex is normal. And if she wants to give it another go, great. But the nature of their separation is kind of weird. Remember, Fox was the one who filed. They were separated for six months prior. A source told US Weely, Fox’s “extreme independence” wasn’t helping the relationship, adding, “She’s gone off and done her own thing recently.”

Since when was independence a bad thing? Unless that’s a euphemism for something else. It should also be noted that Green counter-filed a month after Fox, seeking spousal support.

Green is 42 years old, 13 years Fox’s senior. And he needs a handout? Okay.

These two have been together on and off for about 12 years, since Fox was 17. Some people have a hard time dating after getting out of a long-term relationship. And Fox has said she’s painfully insecure.

Look, to each their own. It’s just that I would hate for Fox to trap herself in a relationship that’s already run its course.

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