WTF is Ed Sheeran doing in Bridget Jones’s Baby?

Because apparently movie producers are running out of good ideas, 2016 has been the year of sh-tty nostalgia reboots (don’t worry, Star Wars, you get a pass). You know, movies and shows you kind of liked at the time, but like that guy you went out with that one time, you wouldn’t go back there. Universal Pictures has obviously decided to go back there, because they dropped the first trailer for Bridget Jones’s Spawn yesterday, and oh boy, it’s like a high school reunion no one wanted.

Once again, we find our adorkable hero crying on her couch all by herself because she once again managed to screw up her relationship with Darcy. You see, Bridget Jones operates on a series of clumsy but endearing misunderstandings. Well, guess what? That includes birth control. Turns out the pull-out method doesn’t work in movies either! (I’m looking at you, Louis Tomlinson.)

Enter McDreamy, I mean Jack Qwant, who can’t resist a woman covered in mud. Because his Grey’s Anatomy money’s drying up, it looks like someone’s trying to be a movie star again. I mean, it worked so well for his former co-star.

Bridget’s mom seems to be the only broad speaking sense in this Looney Tunes universe. But you know what? I will gladly fork over my money to see this. Because Emma Thompson will forever be the queen of shade.

Image credit: Entertainment Weekly

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