Beyoncé won't give us our release until she's ready

According to Shady Music Facts, Beyoncé's iTunes page was briefly down yesterday. And 13 unlisted videos have been added to her VEVO channel. So now there's speculation that her album will be released on April 4, her eighth wedding anniversary. As all devotees know, she has a thing for the number four.

Do you think she'll soon be too exclusive for iTunes? I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of Tidal, which I already wrote about on Tremr. But we can all agree that it’s way expensive.

On another note, I am so ready for the Formation tour. My soul was crushed that I had to miss On the Run. MY SOUL. But not this time. My sister has asked me if I have to see Beyoncé every single time she tours. And the answer is always YES.

Image credit: Columbia Records

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