Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is basically a twee X-Men

And Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) is Professor X. There are elements of Harry Potter, too with all this talk about our hero being “the one.” By the way, have you seen the Maze Runner parody on SNL? It’s perfection.

Tim Burton has been churning out sh-t for a while now. Not unlike Woody Allen.

I was having a conversation with some friends where I compared Woody Allen to Britney Spears. Stay with me! Basically, they’re both able to sell sh-t now because they have cultivated a legacy as living icons.

Will Miss Peregrine be any good? At this point, who cares? I’d rather watch this than Alice Through the Looking Glass. I’m just here for Green. I’ve been following her career since Casino Royale, and it was only a matter of time before she worked with Burton. She’s like a young Helena Bonham Carter. Only like Amber Heard with Johnny Depp, she’s missed the golden years.

Also, who else loves the blue-black hair?

Image credit: 20th Century Fox

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