First look at Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War trailer

I don’t really care for the Avengers, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Spider-Man. Besides me, nobody else liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is partly why Andrew Garfield got the boot.

So now we have a peak at the new, new Spider-Man in Civil War, who’ll be played by Tom Holland. Is it me, or does his voice sound just like Garfield’s?

This’ll be an interesting way to reintroduce us to Spidey. I hear they’re rebooting the franchise (yet again), which means we’ll be seeing a much younger Peter Parker than last time. Good. If I have to watch his goddamn Uncle Ben die one more time, I’m going to blast off to Planet Nope.

Do you think Garfield is banging his head against a wall right now? While promoting the steaming pile of garbage also known as 99 Homes, he gave a pretty depressing interview about being chewed up and spit out by the franchise.

I mean, I know we shouldn’t feel sorry for Garfield. A producer on the Martin Scorsese-directed Silence said they’re aiming for a premiere at Cannes to generate some Oscar buzz. At 32, Garfield has a Broadway play and an Oscar-winning movie under his hipster belt. And it looks like he’s already moving on from Emma Stone.

You know who I am worried about, though? Daniel Craig.

Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

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