Check out Fifty Shades Darker’s steamy sexual harassment scene

Mainstream gossip sites have been writing breathlessly about Fifty Shades Darker’s new set pictures, which are pretty hum drum, considering the main “action” happens indoors. Aside from that pointless, click bait-y mask scene released last year, this is the first look at the sequel. Anyway, MTV reported that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan had just filmed the “most cringe-worthy scene”. (This being Fifty Shades, I think they could be wrong.) Christian escorts Ana out of her office building, after having been sexually harassed by her boss, Mr. Hyde.

Basically, Mr. Hyde tells Ana he only hired her because he wanted to hit dat ass. When he tries to blackmail her into having sex with him, she knees him in the balls and runs out of the office into Christian’s arms (which is the equivalent of jumping out of a burning building into a shark tank). He then tells her to wait in the car while he kicks Mr. Hyde’s ass.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse at this point. So rather than bore you with another rant about how every male character in Ana’s world is controlling and/or a sexual predator, let’s focus on the costumes. Johnson has gotten a major wardrobe upgrade since Fifty Shades: The Daddy Issues Awaken. Case in point: That trench and tote bag combo. Also that polka dot dress is adorable.

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