High School Musical cast reuniting for 10-year reunion

Goddamn, is it that time already? Ten years ago, I was a dweeby 14-year-old living in Switzerland. My sister and I used to sing along to High School Musical with our friends after school. I’d go to sleep fantasizing about Zac Efron’s pre-teen abs and bowl cut. The summer High School Musical 2 came out, my sister and I borrowed a bootleg copy from a friend and binge watched it.

The cast reunited on Saturday to tape some interviews for the upcoming telecast on Wednesday. But um… Where’s Zac Efron?

The most information I can find is that he’ll be in a pre-taped message for the fans. Efron was last seen in New York with his girlfriend, Sami Miro. He’s probably promoting Dirty Grandpa, his (terrible) new movie with Robert De Niro.

I know there are conflicting schedules all the time, but methinks Efron doesn’t want to be associated with the HSM franchise anymore. Sure, he doesn’t necessarily need the exposure, but it looks really ungrateful that he doesn’t want to show up for the vehicle that made him famous. But can you blame him? That appearance would undermine the dudebro persona he’s worked so hard to cultivate over the past decade. I mean, have you seen his Instagram?

Being the pinnacle of masculinity is a full-time job, you guys.

I’ve attached some photos of Vanessa Hudgens with her castmates, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman, who are probably enjoying their brief moment in the spotlight before fading back into obscurity.

Image credit: Disney Channel

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