What Does Audrina Patridge Even Do Now?

I was up late a few weeks ago, having just watched Donald Trump host one of the most bizarre episodes of SNL. My grandma had fallen asleep right as 1st Look, NBC’s travel and lifestyle show came on. Some episode about fishing and cooking in different states. It took me a couple minutes before it dawned on me that the host was none other than Audrina Patridge!

I thought I’d watch the whole episode just out of curiosity. And it was super weird, not least because I was watching an almost platinum blonde Audrina getting squirted by mud and getting fish guts on her shoes. This wasn’t the reality star I remembered from The Hills, the one who was always getting in fights with her on-off boyfriend, Justin Bobby (who apparently does hair now…?).

I have to say, the next half hour was more entertaining than the Donald. Audrina was first given a tour of a fish warehouse in the Bronx, where she learned how to gut their insides. From there, she caught blue crab on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and went fishing in Miami Beach. I especially enjoyed watching Audrina dig for a phallic shaped clam called gooey duck in Seattle, which she described as looking like “gooey d-ck.” The segment is peppered with innuendos, from her asking the fishermen whether size really matters, to her skinning the gooey duck. “It looks like a condom!” she said. (It does.)

After a string of reality TV shows and bit movie parts, Audrina was cast on 1st Look almost two years ago. It seems like a pretty good gig, considering she doesn’t have any talent other than staring vacantly with her mouth open on reality TV. It makes sense, since she’s still within the NBC family. The last host was former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, so you kind of get what they’re going for.

Since then, she’s given viewers “inside access” on everything from the Golden Globes to circus training to what it takes to become a Chicago Bulls cheerleader (um, does it still involve a “jiggle test”?).

The Hills is approaching its 10th anniversary, but it doesn’t seem like any of the former costars are very close. Whitney Port just got married a couple weeks ago, but none of the cast from The Hills or The City was in attendance.

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