Kim and Kanye have anointed America’s prince

America’s First Family has a new prince, and he shall be known as Saint West.

…And I love it.

I know it’s not for everyone. But it’s kool and remains on brand for the Kardashian-Wests.

Obviously, Kim and Kanye weren’t going to follow up North with a Trevor. And they ruled out East and South pretty early on in the pregnancy (although there were rumors of an Easton, which is kool too).

In fact, I like Saint West much better than North. It sounds like the name of a new Paris-based designer. And what else would the son of Yeezus be called other than a Saint?

While all these other celebs have foolishly named their babies Majesty, Sire, Marquise and Royalty, Saint trumps them all. Because what’s a king to a god, right?

Photo: Vogue

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