Watch Kristen Stewart Play a Bitchy Actress in a New Short Film For Chanel

The film, directed by Karl Lagerfeld, premiered at the Métiers d’Art show in Rome today, and is now on the Chanel website. It’s called Once and Forever, not to be confused with that soap that your parents fall asleep to. Click here for a recap. We’ll get to the clothes in a second.

Kristen Stewart stars as a bratty actress preparing to play Coco Chanel. She’s pissed that a young rookie director is taking over the film, and is on the war path to make everyone on set miserable. Geraldine Chaplin (who’s played Coco in previous Chanel films) plays an actress who will portray the older Coco.

As much as Karl Lagerfeld is convinced that all the other Coco Chanel movies are inferior to his artistic genius, I wasn’t crazy about this one. Sure, it’s a blatant commentary on the cult of celebrity and the intersection of business and art, but it feels kind of pointless. (Wow, that sounds really familiar.) Stewart plays a diva who can’t act, and Chaplin embodies a seasoned actress who’s almost convinced she’s the real Coco. And… That’s it.

Stewart is good at making you uncomfortable as she plays Christian Bale levels of cray on set. Unfortunately, she is incapable of portraying any character before the 20th century. Let’s never forget this Academy Award winning scene. You can practically see the discomfort on her face.

But, as one of the producers in the film tells Stewart’s character, it’s basically a commercial, anyway. With that in mind, the vintage costumes and jewelry are gorgeous. All in all, Karl made a great MTV Movie Awards intro, so he should be really proud of himself.

I love Stewart’s sequined jacket and patent leather pants at the premiere. I’m surprised I even like the extensions. So much better than that Keira Knightley leftover from TIFF.

I’ve attached the film and some pictures from the fashion show, including Karl and Stewart holding hands in the front row, fronting a look that says Queen Bey and Jay Z sitting courtside at the Lakers.

Photos: Getty Images

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