8 Most Awkward Family Dinners in Film and TV

I have a special fondness for watching dysfunctional family movies around the holidays. There’s some comfort in knowing that you’re not the weirdest unit in the neighborhood. For example, I once wore a big ass dress on Persian New Year (you have to wear something new) and accidentally knocked over our display table. Also known as the “Seven S’s”, the haft seen displays seven symbolic items starting with the letter “S.” Anyway, my obscenely large tulle skirt crashed into it, much like Godzilla’s tail would a building. I snuck into the kitchen that night and silently cried. If that doesn’t sound like a Persian episode of Sex and the City, I don’t what does.

So, here’s hoping you are recovering from your food coma and not getting trampled by crowds at Wal-Mart. We’ll get through this together. Happy Thanksgiving.

Seinfeld and the pony comment

Step Brothers and the fishing story

Step Brothers and the parents’ breakup

Ricky Bobby’s family dinner

Wedding crashers really love charity

The Break-Up sing-along

Mulan asks her dad to stay. “Who is that girl I seeeeee”

Sarah Jessica Parker cries over spilled pudding (click picture)

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