How To Be Single is Hitch for girls

Or That Awkward Moment for girls. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been in the mood to see a rom-com. Sure, it doesn’t look much different from all the other movies in its genre, but I will see anything with Rebel Wilson in it.

It’s based on the novel by Liz Tuccillo, and is being executive produced by Drew Barrymore (Coincidentally, the trailer features “Boys Wanna Be Her”, the same song from her directorial debut Whip It. I know, I’m weird.). This will be the latest movie from her production company, Flower Films.

The movie looks like plain old fun, and I don’t care that I’ve seen a million others like it. Part of what I love about it is that we all have that friend. The one who can party all night, the one who won’t tolerate your moping over some guy. They are necessary for single girl survival.

How To Be Single will be in theaters on 12 February. That will be almost a year since Fifty Shades of Grey broke box office records with the best Valentine’s Day opening ever domestically and an international gross of over $500 million. I know women didn’t come in droves to see Johnson, but I think she was the strongest link in that movie. She was the unexpected breakout star, possibly bigger than Jamie Dornan. While he looked almost embarrassed to be saying his lines, Johnson infused the dialogue with necessary comedy relief and made Ana more headstrong than pathetic.

Sam Taylor-Johnson deserves a lot of credit for elevating Fifty Shades into a stylish battle of the sexes, rather than the sexist bullsh-t we saw in the book. As I wrote last week, James Foley will be directing the sequels back-to-back next year. With a more male-dominated crew, will he be able to uphold this feminist vibe? More importantly, can he stand up to E.L. James?

Photo: Flower Films

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