Watch the first trailer for The Huntsman

After teasing us with four character posters on Monday, Universal has dropped its first trailer for The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

First, the good: All Charlize Theron’s ensembles are straight up COSTUME PORN. Did you see that gold leaf makeup on her face? No wonder Dior keeps swathing her in gold. I couldn’t find the costume designer on IMDB, but it looks like Colleen Atwood is returning.

For the most part, the special effects look as good as the first, except for some awkward CGI ice at 1:03. But I don’t know how to feel about Emily Blunt as The Ice Queen, or Elsa 2.0. She doesn’t seem as obviously evil as Ravenna, so maybe she’ll have a change of heart halfway through the movie and join forces with the Huntsman?

Ravenna calls the Ice Queen “Little Sister”, but there was no mention of her in the first movie. Half sister, then? And what happened to the Evil Queen’s minion brother? Was he transferred to a different department? And why the f-ck is Emily Blunt riding a polar bear?

We know it’s a prequel, since The Huntsman’s dead wife, Sara is still alive. In earlier stages of the SWATH script, there were mentions of her being killed by a White Wolf, but now it seems she’ll be trampled by a damn polar bear.

And if you’re wondering about the trailer’s song, it’s “Castle” by Halsey. She’s going to be a big deal.

Photo: Universal Pictures

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