Hilary Duff just bought a gun for some reason

Technically TMZ confirmed the news last week, but it didn’t go viral on Facebook until two days ago. After sharing the article on my page on Sunday, I was surprised to find it had exploded overnight. Right-wingers and gun enthusiasts were brimming with joy that Lizzie McGuire had purchased a firearm.

I know Duff is southern, but I doubt this was a staged shot to defend the Second Amendment. And there’s no way it’s for a movie, because why would she take it home with her?

TMZ mentioned it could be for protection since she’s a single mom now.

About that, I found it strange that she filed for primary physical custody of her son. How bad of a dad would her ex, Mike Comrie have to be that she would only want to give him visitation rights in the divorce?

Sources have told TMZ she’s “worried about Mike's parenting due to his partying ways” and that she filed the day after he “was reportedly drunkenly propositioning women at Mastro's in Bev Hills.”

Photos: Coleman-Rayner via TMZ

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