Kate Winslet's cute Jobs interview

I was reading Kate Winslet’s interview with Vulture the other night, and good God, I forgot how much I love her.

Her husband, Ned Rocknroll (ugh, that name) answers the phone, saying she’s pouring herself a glass of wine. He then passes the phone to Winslet, who babbles away about a dinner party she’s hosting:

Hi. Actually, hold on. I have a little bit of an issue with the wine. (Long pause.) It tastes like cider, that’s the bad news. I don’t know why, it’s a nice enough bottle of rosé. I’ll just open another one and try again. I promise I don’t start all my interviews like this. I’ve got to get the 11-year-old babysitter now to take care of a 1-and-a-half-year-old. I’ve fed the baby and I’m about to feed the 11-year-old, and we have people coming over for supper, so I’ve checked on the chicken. I’ve taken the bread out of the oven that I was baking, and it’s all systems go, just another day at the office. I am cooking everything, which is not remotely unusual. Now I’m going upstairs by myself with the phone to conduct the best interview of my entire life, I swear it.

How can you not fall in love with her?

Anyway, the article is about her role in the upcoming biopic, Steve Jobs. A dumb title, but Jobs was already taken by Ashton Kutcher’s stupid movie. Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, one of the original members of the Macintosh and NeXT team. She talks about how how she didn’t even know about the movie until a hair-and-makeup artist on the set of The Dressmaker told her about it:

She said it was written by Aaron Sorkin, so I’m, like, all ears, and she said it’s just brilliant, the script. It’s written in three acts, and each act focuses on the launch of a different product. And finally, I say, “So, what’s the girl part?” And she says, “Oh, my God, she’s brilliant, it’s this fantastic woman, this feisty Polish-Armenian immigrant.” And I’m going, “Holy shit, who’s playing that part?” And we both kind of looked at each other, and she went, “Oh, my God!”

Winslet was told an actress was already offered the role, but she wasn’t available at the last second. She’s most likely referring to Natalie Portman, who presumably dropped out after the Sony leaks.

She then talks about how she made herself a part of the conversation:

But sometimes you have to convince people, so my wonderful husband, Ned, I said to him, “Okay, honey, please, while I’m at work, would you mind awfully going to a wig shop and, please, get for me three dark-haired wigs, one short, one shoulder-length, and one long — and we will Google what this woman looks like.” There are very few actual images of her online, and I said, “Of course, I look absolutely nothing like her, perfect.” So I put a wig on my head and scrubbed my face of all makeup. I took one photograph of myself, and, lucky me, I have an email address of one Mr. Scott Rudin, and I just sent him the photo with no subject. Soon there’s this call saying, okay, okay, can Danny come and meet with Kate in Australia? And I’m like, “Holy fuck, what have I started?”

What I love about this story is that Winslet can still hustle. That she’s not too proud to admit it. Even after an Oscar and three Golden Globes, it’s refreshing to hear someone that successful is still ready to fight.

You can read the rest of her interview here. There’s another cute bit where she teases the reporter for implying she should do Shakespeare because she’s British.

Here's the Steve Jobs trailer, in case you missed it.

Credit: Francois Duhamel/Universal Pictures