Queen of the Desert looks like a trainwreck

Credit: Benaroya Pictures

Have you ever felt second-hand embarrassment for someone? It’s almost more excruciating than feeling it yourself. I believe they call it Schadenfreude.

That’s what I felt watching this cringeworthy trailer for Queen of the Desert, starring Nicole Kidman, Damian Lewis, James Franco and Robert Pattinson. This is not to be confused with Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, in which three drag queens travel across Australia. Why the producers didn’t pick up on this gaff is beyond me.

Apparently this is the international trailer, which is exponentially worse than the first one. It almost looks like a parody, where there’s a DUN DUN every time Kidman says a sassy one-liner.

Also, did anyone else get an Eat Pray Love vibe? Frustrated woman goes soul searching around the world and galavants with hot younger men?

Or maybe I’m just saying that because Franco’s in it.

You know who I really feel sorry for is Pattinson. He has big shoes to fill as T.E. Lawrence, a character made famous by Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. It seems like he’s already set up for a loss. It also doesn’t help that he looks like a noob in that keffiyeh.

Credit: Benaroya Pictures

Credit: Benaroya Pictures

I know, I know. Here’s a picture of him holding an adorable lion cub to wash that out of your mind.

Credit: Abderrahman Elhafid

Credit: Abderrahman Elhafid

Header image credit: Benaroya Pictures

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