Two dudes fight over Margot Robbie in Z for Zachariah

Margot Robbie has been carving out a pretty nice career for herself since The Wolf of Wall Street. And from the looks of the leaked footage, I’m sure she’ll be amazing as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

But I’m scratching my head over the new Z for Zachariah trailer. Robbie plays the Last Woman on Earth after a nuclear war. The gun-totin’, Southern drawlin’ survivor then befriends the Last Man on Earth, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Things start to look like a sci-fi romantic comedy until Chris Pine shows up. Jealousy ensues as they both fight for Robbie’s affection. So in a market saturated with post-apocalyptic thrillers, Z’s unique selling point is… Two guys duking it out over the last girl on earth?

My sister and I read the novel when we were kids, and I don’t remember there being two men. There’s a lot of sexual tension as is between the two characters in the book, but I guess someone thought throwing in Chris Pine would make the movie more interesting. Personally, I find love triangles the most exhausted plot device, and this one will have no subtlety because THERE’S NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET.

The book poses a lot of moral dilemmas, like whether or not the heroine should couple up with an already sketchy guy to repopulate the world. It’s a good read, and a little less frustrating than Into the Forest.

Also, does anyone else think Robbie looks like Emma Stone in this screenshot?

Header image credit: Lucky Hat Entertainment

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