Keira Knightley's "O" face

February 5, 2015



Vanity Fair has just released a three-part short film featuring every famous British actor ever. Staying true to the magazine’s obsession with old Hollywood glam, it’s a 1940s-style newsreel with some saying a famous one-liner. I could care less about Benedict Cumberbatch jumping into a pond. My longtime girl crush, Keira Knightley reenacted the famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. God, she is so sexy. Especially with that jaw. My favorite part is what Judi Dench says after. 


James Corden’s bit was cute too. Did anyone else think that Orlando Bloom’s bit was a subtle dig at his futile acting career? 


I’ve posted all three videos. Knightley is in the last one. As long as we’re on the subject, have you ever seen that prank video where a whole room of women reenacted that scene in the same restaurant from the movie? It's documented proof that women are all liars.






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