New Fifty Shades of Grey trailer shows granny panty action

Credit: Focus Features

I am considering going to see this movie with my mom. Would that be weird? I haven’t actually discussed this with her yet. And no, she hasn’t read the books.

A new trailer for Fifty Shades dropped during the Golden Globes last night. It’s pretty much the same as the first trailer, just with one or two new clips. Oh, and a new snippet of Beyoncé’s slowed down “Crazy in Love” (WHICH ISN’T ON iTUNES WHY???).

There hasn’t been much sex in the TV spots, which is making me worry. I understand they’re trying to market it as a love story, but the whole point of the book is the smut! We’re not here to watch freaking Shakespeare in Love! And no, that shot of Ana’s granny panties is not getting us anywhere.

Credit: Jeff Vespa

Did you guys see Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan present at the Golden Globes last night? I can see where that “dishrag” comment came from. Johnson is monotone, to say the least. Ana’s supposed to be boring, so it could work in her favor. And she and Dornan look hot next to each other. But that’s still a terrible dress.

I've attached the new trailer and a clip of Dornan and Johnson presenting below.

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