Born in the Wild trailer looks terrifying

Credit: Lifetime

In what looks like the most horrifying preview since a moron decided to be eaten alive by an anaconda, several women give birth with no medical assistance in Lifetime’s new documentary series Born in the Wild.

And it looks f-----g terrifying.

Several experienced mothers volunteered to be filmed having their nether regions torn apart as they give birth in the middle of nowhere without any meds.

Birth itself is like a horror movie. It is proof that no matter how modern humans have become, women are still subject to the humiliation of pushing their spawn out from between their legs, or having a doctor cut them open and remove it.

A Born in the Wild couple and producer, Yoshi Stone talked about the show at the Television Critics’ semi-annual press tour in Pasadena yesterday. He said: “Birth shows are nothing new. There have been plenty of birth shows. We’re simply making another birth show. We try to assure all our outcomes will be positive; we assume that they will be. Again, we’re documenting people making a particular birth choice.”

One critic countered: “If this is just another birth show, then what’s the point?”


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