Peter Pan Live didn't suck, you guys

Credit: NBC

I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t hate-watch Peter Pan Live over the weekend. I was genuinely excited to watch Alison Williams go at it as the hottest boy-girl who ever lived and Christopher Walken play Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

I’m in the UK, so unfortunately I couldn’t watch it live. I was scanning the reviews while I got my hair cut and then watched the clips as soon as they were uploaded to YouTube. I can’t tell you how I feel about the continuity or where they put the commercial breaks, blah blah. But it wasn’t the disaster you were hoping for.

Williams can sing really well, and she seems well suited for Broadway. I like how they updated the costume to leggings instead of tights, and the set was very pretty and fun. There was a glitch during “I’m Flying”, where Williams kept getting rammed too close to the walls, and she’d sort of awkwardly push herself back. The bedroom seemed like a really cramped space to demonstrate her flying, anyway. This is where we really want to see her do backflips and stuff, so why is she just moving back and forth across the room?

Other than that, I didn’t notice many other mistakes. My favorite part was “I Won’t Grow Up”, where Wet Blanket Wendy’s trying to make everybody study and Peter Pan’s like f*** that and starts stomping on the table. People forget that Peter’s a cocky douchebag most of the time. This is where we finally get to see him in his element, and there’s actual space to move! Funny story, I did a high school play when I was 14 and the stage was so small I fell off at some point.

Walken was a way better Hook than I expected. I was surprised he told the producers he wanted to dance so much in the show. He spends almost the whole production busting a move in his drag queen getup, which is in itself, funny. Walken is a very blasé Hook. He’s so turned down that he looks bored, and it works. Peter Pan looks jacked up on Moutain Dew in comparison.

Major kudos to NBC for casting Alanna Saunders, an actress of Cherokee Nation descent as Tiger Lily (unlike the movie Pan, which features WASP-y Rooney Mara, but more on that later). The racist song “Ugg-a-Wugg” was replaced with “True Blood Brothers”, a duet between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan.

During the show, Zach Braff tweeted: “I want Allison Williams as a boy to take my gay virginity.”

If only, Zach. If only.

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