The weirdest book you will ever read

Credit: Variety

I’ve just read the most messed up book.

I’ve been up late the past two nights finishing the damn thing. Just when you think it’s reached the peak of weirdness, it gets weirder. And now it’s going to be a movie.

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood will be starring in an adaptation of Into the Forest by Jean Hegland. It’s about two sisters living in post-apocalyptic northern California, trying to survive in a cabin in the woods miles from civilization. Page is also producing.

I can see why she would be interested in this project. It’s an obvious comment on conservation. Page is an environmentalist and has talked about her interest in permaculture. After filming Whip It, she left Hollywood for a month to live in an ecovillage in Oregon. Most recently she played in The East, revolving around eco-terrorists taking down major corporations.

This is also an interesting choice after, you know.

The book has a really slow build-up, but stick with it. The second act gets freaky. I wanted to scream by the end of it.

I've attached an old interview where Page talks about her experience at the ecovillage.

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