Cheating's like, okay


I’m probably nit-picking at the “Robsten” situation, but considering Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are already back together, nobody will care if I cover an area that’s been overlooked.

Shortly after hearing about her affair with Rupert Sanders, I was reminded of a moment during Pattinson and Stewart’s commentary of Eclipse. Third-wheel Taylor Lautner couldn’t make it, and so it just sounds like a funny, uncensored chat between any normal couple. Anyway, the crucial bit is right after Bella runs off and kisses Jacob despite her new fiancé still being close by. (If you’re watching the video on the right, fast forward to 7:49.)

Kristen: “It’s too bad that [Edward] can’t hear what’s going on in her head. Cause then it would really be okay.”

Rob: “No it would not. That’s how girls always think. You are judged on your actions.”

Kristen: (mocks Bella) “If you just knew what was going on in my head, I could explain to you, you’d understand…”

Of course this was far before she had even signed on to Snow White and the Huntsman, where she would become acquainted with her director and eventual cheating partner. What bothered me though, was her mentality on actions and consequences. Is the intention all the matters? According to Stewart, Bella’s thoughts and feelings would justify her cheating on her fiancé. On the other hand, Pattinson emphasizes a person being judged by their actions only.

This may have been just a sound bite in a rather lengthy commentary, but Stewart’s words resonated with me before news of the affair even broke out. It gives us an insight into the mindset she has (or had) that would predispose her to cheat. This is excluding obvious factors such as opportunity, boredom and her possible fear of commitment.

All internal turmoil aside, my mother always emphasized that intentions mean nothing. It’s the result, the result, the RESULT. Maybe you didn’t intend to hurt anybody, but you still did.

There are conspiracy theories that Stewart and Pattinson’s reunion is strictly business. This isn’t new, considering their whole relationship has been accused of being promotion for the Twilight movies. I highly doubt this, since any man would be out of his mind for taking a girl back after that level of public humiliation for money, let alone for love.

Regardless, it was hard not to imagine Lionsgate/Summit’s victory dance when they announced the Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional tour shortly after PEOPLE reported the couple’s getting back together. Good for them, better for us.

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