Cute, but no cigar

Credit: Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures

So my sister and I have been in the US for the past week, applying for our visas to study in England. It’s a little delay before we start school, but I don’t mind. I get to relax in the sunshine with family for a few more days before I have to hibernate in a raincoat across the pond.

On the plane ride over, I watched New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. When I first watched the pilot, I thought it was pretty cute. But now that I’ve watched another episode, I’ve realized it’s too much.

Deschanel plays a quirky teacher who, after a bad breakup, moves into an apartment with three single young men. I will admit she is as “adorkable” as everyone says she is, but I can’t help thinking that may be the reason it’s not my favorite show.

On the plane, I watched the one where her best friend convinces her that Nick has a thing for her, which she knows because people’s feet automatically point to who they’re attracted to. Um, never heard that one before. Anyway, Jess and Nick go to a drug store, where she proceeds to do an awkward tap dance so she doesn’t seem attracted to Nick. This was then the point where I decided I couldn’t take this cuteness anymore. I only need one spoon of sugar in my coffee. Not the whole bag.

Of course, the show has its moments. Like the “douchebag jar” and how one of the roommates makes drunken phone calls to his girlfriend with an English accent. If New Girl’s on, I’ll watch it, but I won’t go out of my way to tune in. Why? Because I prefer my female heroines feisty. Sure, Jess provides solace for the dork in all of us, but I miss Zooey’s other side.

Failure to Launch is a terrible movie, but I only enjoyed it because of Deschanel’s stoic, bird-hunting role as the best friend. Her eye roll during the paintball fight. Her marching into the gun store. She was just so cool. Remember her as the tiny blond who hated Christmas in Elf? She makes a good straight man.

I’ve been wondering for the past year why my fangirl for Zooey has been wavering (this is coming from someone who will endure something as pointless as Gigantic to see Zooey). And I’ve realized that New Girl is cute, but I still prefer her dry humor.

I doubt many others will agree with me because yesterday Entertainment Weekly reported that New Girl’s DVR ratings went up by 38% to a 3.8 rating ( Sure, this poll doesn’t prove who’s watching the shows per se, but it gives a better insight into what’s gaining interest. And after a close call with Go On, New Girl was in the lead by a 0.6 rating when the article went to print.

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