Here comes the boom

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The James Bond films have circulated in my household ever since I can remember. My dad is a big fan, an obsession passed on by my late grandpa. Because he didn’t speak much English, my dad would translate the movies for him into Persian when they would watch together. Daniel Craig has been one of my dad’s favorite actors since Layer Cake, so it was a pleasant surprise when he made his debut as Bond in Casino Royale. I remember when we were little my cousin demanded his parents buy him a miniature tuxedo after watching Goldeneye. As for me, I am inspired by the sexy sophistication of Bond’s only love, Vesper Lynd (played by my girl crush, Eva Green). My family and I have long been captivated by England’s most dangerous MI6 agent.

This summer the long anticipated trailer for Skyfall was dropped. I have higher hopes for this film than Quantum of Solace. I feel like Quantum was a boring bridge between the first and third movies. Other than Bond’s grief over Vesper’s death, it was just a mindless “shoot-em-up” lacking in plot. Skyfall, however looks like it will deliver.

Like most Bond trailers, I have no idea what the heck it’s about. Something about Bond being falsely pronounced dead and M losing her hard drive with all her top secret information (why doesn’t she, I dunno know, BACK HER FILES UP ON AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE?). And Javier Bardem is doing a Lucius Malfoy impression. And there’s two hot girls so it’s all good.

Sam Mendes is directing this time around. I have no doubt it will be visually excellent (I just watched Revolutionary Road and was impressed) but I am praying that there will be a little bit more dialogue instead of one-liners between gun shots.

Jerry: Hey, Bond the pizza’s here-

Bond shoots him.

I just checked the IMDB page and apparently Adele will be singing “Skyfall” on the soundtrack. Of course. Within a year it will win a Grammy, be number one on iTunes and become my new ringtone. I can’t believe this woman is three years older than me. FML.

Finally, did anyone else doodle Q’s name in their notebooks after class? He’s cute, right? I was surprised they chose someone so young, but then again, the whole franchise has been changing, mostly for the better. I’ll be away at school when Skyfall comes out, but am definitely making time to see this with my dad.

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