English people and singing contests

Credit: MTV

A few things I’ve learned since moving to England:

1.Boys really like chinos. Like, jeans won’t cut it.

2.People will either ask me to do an English accent or a Valley Girl accent. They find both very funny.

3.Boy bands and girl groups are still very popular, whereas in the US that fad ended in the ‘90s.

4.They take their singing contests very seriously.

No, really. Over there it’s like a religion. I was studying in the cafeteria once and I overheard some girls gushing about the contestants on X Factor and replaying clips of their favorites (one of which was awful but what do I know).

I went to a club once, and while I was pretending to enjoy the gross dubstep destroying my eardrums, One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” suddenly came on. I swear to you every woman in that room suddenly released a mating call and began dancing to that song. Hard. And these weren’t giggly schoolgirls, these were grown women. Like, it’s a catchy song and everything, but I’ve never seen a boy band arouse such passion in my peers since N’Sync (which, by the way, is still better than the Backstreet Boys).

But maybe I’m being hypocritical. Americans love singing contests too. My family’s glued to the TV when X Factor or American Idol is on. We were just watching reruns of the VMAs and my mom was overjoyed One Direction won. But then again this is the same woman who suggested I move to England in the first place. Go figure.

Attached is a video of their three wins at last night's VMAs.

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