Leave Kristen Stewart alone! By Jodie Foster

Credit: US Weekly

I wanted to agree with this but… It makes no sense.

As an example of her never ending generosity, Jodie Foster wrote an essay acknowledging, while not really acknowledging her friend and former co-star, Kristen Stewart’s affair with her married director, Rupert Sanders and how dare we judge her and she’s just a child and back in my day actors were sacred creatures that could roam free and we are the real monsters for contributing to this system.

First of all…

Shut up.

I get it that she thinks of Stewart as the daughter she never had and is fiercely loyal to the point of insanity (cough, Mel Gibson) and yes, the media is very nosy. But her argument is completely irrelevant to the real issue.

Foster has written a very pretty essay about the harassment of child actors and actors in general. As idealistic as she wants to be, celebrity gossip is too lucrative a business to be going away anytime soon. In reality if you value your privacy, think twice before becoming a film actor, or go into theater instead.

But what does this thesis have to do with Stewart engaging in an affair with a married father of two? I don’t know about Foster, but where I come from, people must take responsibility for their actions. I know thou who has not sinned shall cast the first stone, but what Foster is proposing is that she is a child victimized by the media. This girl’s 22 years old. Her childhood ended a few years ago, not to mention she has been called “wise beyond her years” by several colleagues. She is old enough to make adult decisions. She chose to drive around LOS ANGELES, a city crawling with paparazzi and chose to make out with Sanders in her car. If Stewart valued her privacy so much, why didn’t she just drive to a motel? Or better yet, not do it at all?

On top of that, she issued a public apology just hours after photos were released by US Weekly. You can’t fault people for peeking into your life when you have already given them access. If this were truly a private matter, she wouldn’t have shouted her apology from a mountain top, or in this case, PEOPLE magazine.

I’m 20 years old, legally an adult and still my parents won’t let me get away with sheeeeit. Everyone is bound to make mistakes in their 20s, but part of growing up is taking responsibility for your actions.

I really hope Foster’s illogical essay will not give Stewart incentive to blame her carelessness on youth. I am a big fan, and she’s an actress I really used to respect. But as much as I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, I can’t this time.

For a way more articulate counter-argument to Foster’s essay, please read this article. It is excellent.

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