This can't be happening

Credit: Larry A. Thomspson Productions

A few weeks ago Lifetime released its first official promo shot of its upcoming film, Liz and Dick. Lindsay Lohan will be playing Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t think there has been such a travesty since Christina Aguilera warbled at Etta James’ funeral.

Not to say that Lindsay Lohan isn’t a good actress. She’s fantastic... But why did producer, Larry Thompson think she could pull off Taylor? They have nothing in common, other than their magnetic pull for scandals. Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of old Hollywood elegance and glamour. Lohan, on the other hand flits in and out of court hearings and does coke in the Chateau Marmont bathroom.

The only reason I can think of for making this casting possible is to draw a younger demographic. The Lifetime channel is what my grandma watches when my grandpa finishes Jerry Springer. Maybe hiring Lohan wasn’t such a bad move if it meant getting the film financed. She will be joined by True Blood’s Grant Bowler as Richard Burton, who also has a following among teen audiences.

Liz and Dick has been deemed Lohan’s “comeback movie.” Well, alright. But the public’s ability to take her seriously as an actress rests on this movie. And as much as the studio’s been trying to paint a pretty picture, there have been reports of her “calling in sick” from a hotel room only to have paramedics overreact. Funny enough, Elizabeth Taylor was quite sickly during the Cleopatra shoot.

This is good. She’s getting into character.

One more thing: The title put me off right away. I know Dick is supposed to be a nickname for Richard but still… The fact that Lindsay Lohan is the lead actress makes Liz and Dick sound more like a porno.

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