Thoughts on Gwen Stacy (SPOILERS!)


So you all know I loved The Amazing Spider-Man. It exceeded my expectations and probably those of the rest of the world for that matter. Obviously there’s going to be a sequel. I haven’t read all the comics, but I came across a video compilation of the issue, “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”, courtesy of thugie1. It was made even more heartbreaking by the music used. If you have the time, you can read the whole comic but here’s the crucial bit on the right.

There is a point in the Spider-Man series where Peter wants to settle down with the love of his life, Gwen. But of course the comics were building such popularity that a domesticated Spidey would have ended his adventures too soon. And so the writer, Gerry Conway found a solution: Kill off Gwen.

I really hope Marc Webb will direct the sequel. While the fight scenes are important, he knows how to handle the sensitive aspects of the story. Peter’s relationships and guilt are ultimately what drive him as Spider-Man. Vesper Lynd’s character was sacrificed to create James Bond’s complex. Gwen will follow the same fate so Spider-Man will become a hero too.

After reading the comic, I can’t wait to watch the death scene on the big screen. Don’t me wrong, I love Gwen, I think she’s way cooler than MJ, but the point of going to the movies is to feel something. And while the comic definitely pulls at your heartstrings, it won’t even compare to watching Spidey’s anguish set to a score by James Horner.

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