Let's get our act together

Credit: MTV

I still can’t vote in America. Apparently when I registered nobody could read my handwriting, so I have to get another form. I am a poor excuse for a US citizen; after the long fight for a citizen’s- AND WOMAN’S- right to vote, I am not taking advantage of my freedom. And so in an attempt to feel like I have some sort of relevance in American democracy, I cast my vote for this year’s MTV Movie Awards. And whattaya know, I made a difference.

Or not. But whatever, some of the winners were people I voted for. Like Melissa McCarthy, who totally deserved Best Comedic Performance. However I still think Rooney Mara was robbed in the Best Onscreen Transformation category, which Elizabeth Banks won for her role in The Hunger Games. Let’s be honest here, the costumes were not exactly groundbreaking. They were kind of Halloween. Rooney Mara was not only physically unrecognizable in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but she BECAME Lisbeth Salander.

The MTV Movie Awards has been criticized for its lack of credibility, probably due to the formidable Twilight extravaganza that’s continued for the past four years. In an effort to give other movies a fighting chance, all contenders are now nominated by a board, then voted for by the public. New categories have been added, such as Best Music, Best Onscreen Dirtbag, Best Gut-Wrenching Performance and Best Onscreen Performance.

As predicted, The Hunger Games has marked the beginning of a new era, by taking home Best Male and Female Performance, Best Onscreen Performance and Best Fight. However Breaking Dawn Part 1 still cleaned up Best Kiss (shocker there) and Best Movie, which Jodie Foster presented. I wonder if she was chosen because she and Kristen Stewart are tight. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Anyway I almost laughed when Foster called the Best Movie category “a prestigious award.” But then I realized she was being serious. The whole Breaking Dawn cast (what am I saying? The whole cast would’ve filled the entire Gibson Amphitheatre!) got onstage to collect the trophy. Kristen Stewart gave an adorable speech, which was followed by Taylor Lautner’s Miss American Teen Princess monologue.

Sure this year’s awards were semi-predictable, but at least it’s become a little fairer. However the Teen Choice Awards is coming up next month, and I don’t think that’s a ship that can be rescued. It’s just too idiotic.

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