Good things come to those who wait, old sport

Credit: Warner Bros.

Have you seen The Great Gatsby trailer yet? I was so terrified to watch it, because it’s one of my favorite books, and if they mess it up, I don’t think my teenage heart would be able to take it.

I should have known. Baz Luhrmann is the perfect choice to direct Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

He is famous for capturing tragic hedonism, and was always the obvious pick. Classic Luhrmann, there is a modern soundtrack set against a 1920s setting. (I now have Jack White’s “Love is Blindness” stuck in my head.)

For the first time since Romeo + Juliet, Luhrmann is once again collaborating with Leonardo DiCaprio. Of course Leo’s playing Gatsby. Would they really have chosen anyone else? Tobey Maguire will be playing alongside him as his bromantic buddy, Nick Carraway. The casting makes sense, and I think Maguire will make the perfect, quiet observer to Gatsby’s flamboyant, party-animal demeanor.

Carey Mulligan is playing Daisy Buchanan. God has definitely answered my prayers. Last year at the Cannes Film Festival there were rumors that Blake Lively would win the part. Blake freaking LIVELY?! She’s adorable, she’s hot, but she is not Daisy. In the studio’s effort to bring in a younger audience they would have sacrificed a much larger demographic of fans. Anyway, now that Mulligan is in the movie, all is right in the world again. I do not doubt her abilities to portray Daisy’s charm and glamour, because Mulligan, herself emanates class. However I am wondering about possible chemistry with Leo. He is much older, and has been seen alongside the likes of Kate Winslet, Claire Danes and Marion Cotillard just to name a few. Will he and Mulligan be able to pull off love lost and second chances?

I smell gold here, but maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself.

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