I just watched 2 Broke Girls

So I just finished my first year of university, and I've had lots of time to do what unemployed college kids do: Sit on the couch and catch up on all the TV I've missed this year. Yesterday my sister and I hankered down and watched the first few episodes of 2 Broke Girls, which I've been itching to see. For the ignorant, it's about two waitresses from opposite sides of the tracks trying to make ends meet. I have mixed feelings.

I love Kat Dennings as sassy waitress, Max. She is one of the few actors who can deliver sarcastic one-liners without the camp. I also love the fact that she's okay with the occasional boob jokes. In my opinion, she is capable of carrying a daytime sitcom. The other one, not so much.

Beth Behrs (who my sister and I could have sworn looks like a blond Lea Michele doppelgänger) plays spoiled former heiress, Caroline. I don't have a problem with dumb blond characters. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion is one of the greatest movies of all time. Clueless is a classic. I just don't think Behrs is a good actress. Before you start telling me that I'm an English undergrad and I know nothing about being a thespian, keep in mind that I watch a lot of movies. A LOT. I may not have a gold engraved name tag, but when I'm in my sweatpants on my couch, I am a film/TV critic.

Behrs takes campy to a whole new level. I get it that Caroline's supposed to be the ditzy, superficial counterpart to Max's dry, no BS demeanor, but it's not funny when I want to gauge my own eyes out. There are moments when we are supposed to sympathize with her, but I can't, she's just too annoying. It's not the character, because I am sure I would love Caroline so much more if they replaced Behrs. Alicia Silverstone was able to play a dumb blond in Clueless, but she was still adorable and vulnerable. I wish the producers would hire Silverstone instead. She could do that character justice.

All the other characters are lovable, like the manager of the diner and the DJ guy in the back who mysteriously never plays any music. Even the pervy Russian cook is likable. I just keep hoping the storyline will change and Caroline will be kidnapped or eaten by her pet horse. But considering the title is 2 Broke Girls I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

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